Say Goodbye to Damaged Carpet

Make us your go-to carpet removal company in Cloquet, MN

Over time, heavy foot traffic, spills, pet accidents and sun damage will leave your carpet looking tattered. Luckily, Bears Carpet Installation is a carpet removal company that's based in Cloquet, MN. With our help, you can tear up and haul off damaged carpet during a remodel or renovation. Once the old carpet is disposed of, our crew can replace it with plush carpet in a complementary color.

Out with the old and in with the new. Call 651-283-2270 now to schedule carpet removal services.

Determine whether it's time to tear up your carpet

Cloquet, MN locals come to our carpet removal company for a wide range of reasons. Is your carpet:

  • Coarse? Change out your carpet when it gets matted.
  • Frayed? Don't let frayed carpet hurt your home's appeal.
  • Faded? Tear out carpet that's been discolored by direct sunlight.
  • Smelly? Replace your carpet to get rid of smoke or pet odors.
  • Stained? Say goodbye to any carpet that has stains that won't come out.

If you've noticed any of these red flags with your floors, schedule carpet removal services ASAP.